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27 Shimoshinmachi, Kakunodate-machi Semboku-shi, Akita-ken 014-0315

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Access 15 minute walk from JR Kakunodate Station
Factory Opening Hours Consultation required
Contact Information TEL: 0187-53-2008
FAX: 0120-980-080
E-mail: info@andojyozo.co.jp
Reservations Reservations required (please call directly for a consultation)


Our family has resided in the Kakunodate area since the mid-18th century, and back then made miso and soy sauce with local rice grown by the peasants on our fiefdom. Because our founder seemed to have trouble mastering brewing and passing it onto his descendants, he traveled to Hitachi (present-day Ibaraki Prefecture) to sharpen and hone his skills.
Paying homage to this, the wooden signboard displayed at our entrance reads: “Our raw soy sauce originated in Hitachi”.
In 1885 (Ansei 2), a merchant in Edoyushima, Osakaya published the “Azumakoshonin Kagami”, a directory of merchants joining the Azumako Union, which was then the chamber of commerce and inns. The directory is currently preserved and kept at the Kakunodate Library, and also covers one of our former company presidents, Marugami Andoya Jusuke, whose residential area was inscribed as Ugokakunodate in this directory.

Product Features

Our products are, and have always been, produced exclusively with natural ingredients and without additives.

Our skilled head brewers, also known as the superintendents of the production process, are responsible for maintaining our quality.

Each brewer is in charge of producing each product – miso, soy sauce, and pickled foods – respectively and with great care. Because of this, each cask for each use can be monitored directly by each brewer. We thus pay attention to allocating an appropriate workload to each of our brewers.

As a result, mass-production is beyond the limits of what we are able to achieve. While we do take into consideration that using machines can help us offer our products at affordable prices, we have always remained focused on what our brewery is known for, our two mottos: no additives, and natural brewing.

Our company’s mottos stand at the opposite end of mass-production methods. Should we wish to produce in bulk, it would raise our costs dramatically, as we would also need a larger workforce to accommodate this expansion. It would also deterioate the commodity of our products. In conclusion, this is our advantage, and what we offer at Ando Jozo Brewery.

Family Tradition Ungrated Miso, Family Tradition Soy-Sauce (double-brewed), White Broth (char fish soy-sauce), Amazake (sweet fermented-rice drink), Pickled Foods. Rice, Kiritampo (smashed rice stick)


A brick warehouse, constructed during the Meiji era, is open to the public.
Displays of Hina Dolls or Children’s Samurai Dolls are also available depending on the season.