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27-3 Azakannondo, Hanawa, Kazuno-shi

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Access 5 minute drive from JR Kazuno Hanawa Station
Factory Opening Hours 9:00-11:00 13:00-15:30 (Admission Hours)
Contact Information TEL:0186-23-3127
Reservations Reservations required
(there is the possibility of us turning down tours during busy seasons)


Founded in 1872 (Meiji 5).

With the know-how of our brewers, who focus on the flavor of tradition, and our management of sanitation and product quality, we are developing the real deal.

In addition to our technique, our sake has a taste that conveys the natural features of Kazuno City, a city nurtured by the magnificent nature of Towada-Hachimantai National Park.

For many years, “Fukuju” has been known and loved for making miso and brewing soy sauce.

With 100 years of history behind us, we are creating new traditions with up-to-date technology.

Product Features

100-Year Kura Miso
A miso made with no additives, Akita-grown soybeans, and Akita Komachi brand rice, with a 12% koji (malted rice) ratio. It’s finished off with a bright golden yellow color, a special characteristic of Akita miso.

Shirakami Soybean Soy Sauce
An unprocessed soybean soy sauce made with soybeans grown at the foot of the Shirakami Mountains (a World Natural Heritage Site) and Akita-produced flour.

Hinai Jidori Chicken Soup
A concentrated soup made with Hinai Jidori chicken stock, our house-made soy sauce, and no added MSG. It is great for nabe (hot pot).


In 1996, our company relocated from the Hanawa area of Kazuno City to the Yoneshiro River riverside.

We consistently produce our miso and soy sauce from the preparation and fermentation stages to shipment, and put our heart into their completed products, using regional ingredients such as Akita Komachi rice and Hinai Jidori chicken.

Even nationwide, the number of miso and soy sauce factories that see their products from start through finish is decreasing.

Every Thursday and Friday around 11:00, the preparation stage for miso takes place, engulfing our factory with the aroma of koji (malted rice) and soybeans (depending on the season, there are times when this does not occur). The prepared miso, which is stored in a long row of fermentation rooms, has its own sweet aroma. We prepare our soy sauce batches at 6-month intervals, and the aroma of soy sauce at various stages – pre-fermentation, mid-fermentation, mid-maturation, etc. – is present in 42,000L-sized tanks. You can even peek inside the tanks themselves. We have respective lines for each packaging machine: glass bottles, plastic bottles, small bags, and retorts.