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2-1-11 Tamachi, Yuzawa-shi

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Access 10 minute walk from JR Yuzawa Station
Factory Opening Hours 9:00-16:00 At once, maximum capacity of 40 people Open houses (please inquire for details)
Contact Information TEL:0183-73-3155
Reservations Weekdays: at any time
Weekends and Holidays: reservations required, made at least 3 business days in advance


Kimura Brewery was founded in 1615 (Genna 1). Although Akita Prefecture is now home to many breweries, it is said that back then, you could count the number of breweries there were on one hand.
The head of the Toyotomi clan, Shigenari Kimura, brought to life the blessing – that could not be achieved anywhere else – of his land, and began to brew sake.
Later, with the peaceful Edo period came the stabilization of rice farming and the success of the Innai Silver Mine, and with the construction of the Ou Railway Line in 1905 (Meiji 38), we began to export our sake to other prefectures.
It’s been more than 400 years since our founding. No matter what era we were in, we have always been in pursuit of producing sake that could only be brewed here, embracing any changes to our region and society along the way.

Product Features

<Production Process>
In Yuzawa City, Akita – famous for sake production – we thoughtfully and laboriously brew our sake with winter-brewing and namely manual methods , resulting in a rich sake quality with a touch of softness. We believe our sake holistically embodies the image of Akita sake.

Representative Brand: Fukukomachi


You can leisurely tour around our Edo period preparation warehouse, traditional boiler room, and old sake brewing equipment, and we also have a diorama that gives an easy-to-understand explanation of how sake was made back in the day, when it was completely made with manpower. After the explanation, adults and those who are not designated drivers are welcome to sample everything from our daiginjoshu to our seasonal limited edition brews. We also sell brewery-limited edition sakes that can only be purchased at our brewery shop.