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4 -3-18 Maemori, Yuzawa-shi

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Access 20 minute walk from JR Yuzawa Station
Factory Opening Hours 9:00-11:00 13:30-15:30  Open houses (please inquire for details)
Contact Information TEL:0183-73-3143
Reservations Reservations made at least three days in advance, by phone or e-mail


Ryozeki Shuzo Brewery was founded in 1874 (Meiji 7) in the vast southern region of Akita Prefecture, Yuzawa City. When it comes to sake, “Masamune” – the name of a famous katana sword from eastern Japan – is commonly used in sake brand names. Thus, it is said that a man who loved both swords and sake once supposed that if “Masamune” was the ozeki – the king – of swords in eastern Japan, and “Munechika” was the ozeki of swords in western Japan, then ryozeki (ryo meaning “both”) would mean the “king of both eastern and western Japan”. Thus, he believed that “Ryozeki” would make a suitable name for a sake brand, insinuating that it would be the “king of sake”, reigning over the entire nation.

Product Features

<Production Process>
Birthed from tradition is Ryozeki’s very own low-temperature, long fermentation period sake production method. It’s a process that takes advantage of Akita’s cold and snowy climate, and meticulously regulates the highest temperature point of the moromi (unfiltered sake that is the starting point of the fermentation process) to ferment it slowly and achieve a very smooth texture.
Ryozeki does not conceal their technique, and instead shares it with other breweries. By doing so, Ryozeki has come to greatly influence the advancement of sake production in Tohoku. Our trust in this method, along with the passion and skill of our staff, is how we produce our delicious sake.

★ Setsugekka Series
Junmai Daiginjo Setsugekka
Junmai Ginjo Setsugekka
Tokubetsu Junmaishu Setsugekka


Our main building and four warehouses (5 buildings in total), which are all registered as National Tangible Cultural Properties, were the first properties from Akita Prefecture to be registered.
You can take a tour of our reception area, which has retained its appearance from back in the day, as well as the insides of our aforementioned registered warehouses, where you can see the structure of a warehouse built with relatively little column support. After your tour you can head over to our shop, which has the feel of an old warehouse, to sample or purchase some of our well-known sake brews.