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82-6 Azahongono Jinguji, Daisen-shi

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Access 3 minute walk from JR Jinguji Station
Factory Opening Hours Weekdays 10:00-16:00
Contact Information TEL:0187-72-4141
Reservations Reservations not required


Founded in 1913 (Taisho 2) by first-generation president Shuichi Fukuda and head brewer Tomogoro Takahashi, the name “Fukunotomo” comes from taking one Chinese character from each of their names: “Fuku” and “Tomo”. We are located in an area well-known for rice cultivation called the Semboku Plains, which sit in the southern part of Akita Prefecture in Tohoku. With freshly harvested rice from a region famous for rice production, underground water from Akita’s largest river – Omono River – flowing nearby, and a high quality sake production process (unchanged to this day) led by our head brewer and brewer staff, we continue to brew our sake.

Product Features

Our representative “Fuyuki” brand sake has an umami flavor that cannot be achieved from sake made with brewing rice: a junmai ginjo genshu made with unfiltered, unprocessed, table rice. Once it’s ready, we don’t add anything else to it—it is bottled exactly as is.

“Kurauchi-Genshu” is an unfiltered sake that you can gulp down with great satisfaction. “Kurauchi”, meaning “within the brewery”, refers to how this sake comes straight from the pressing phase with nothing else added to it, and is only enjoyed by brewers. At our brewery, we used to only give it out to sake-lovers as sort of a hidden menu item, but it got so popular for its “entrancing flavor” that we formalized it into a product and put it on our shelves.


As we’ve restored our original facilities from the time of our founding, we invite you to please come and visit our brewery! In our “Bunkogura” (book storage building) we have many items related to sake production on display, and it is even used as a local gallery space.

We also a variety of spots to check out: a Café Corner – where you can enjoy our original coffee blend, brewed with the water we use to produce our sake, as well as daiginjo sake flavored ice cream; a Shop Corner – where you can sample and purchase our popular brews, as well as brews sold exclusively at our brewery; and a Water Corner, where you can ladle as much water as you wish.