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4-12 Kawamotomutsumimachi, Akita-shi

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Access 20 minutes by bus from JR Akita Station
Factory Opening Hours Three times a day (10:30- / 13:30- / 15:00-) Closed during weekends and holidays.  Open houses (please inquire for details)
Contact Information TEL:018-864-7331
Reservations Reservations required


12 brewers, who had been brewing sake through the Edo, Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras, formed a trust in 1944 (Showa 19) and founded Akita Shurui Seizoh Co., Ltd—that was the beginning of “Takashimizu”. That time, in the middle of the new post-war system, they thought to turn over a new leaf for their brand and hosted an open call for ideas. From 5,037 submissions, the name “Takashimizu” was chosen, connecting it to the miracle fountain “Takashimizu” in Akita City’s Terauchiokoji (a.k.a. Sakurakoji), that flows in surplus to this day.

Product Features

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Our sake has umami and aroma—and yet, still has a refreshing aftertaste, and is smooth down your throat. Our number one priority being consistently sake quality, we have stuck with our passion for sake brewing and spared no labor to refine the flavor of our sake every day. For example, our koji (malted rice). As far as sake brewing is concerned, koji plays an invaluable role in the sake-brewing process that drastically affects the quality of the sake. If you use an abundance of koji, a sake brew with a luxurious flavor and good aftertaste is born. However, even if they understand the importance of koji, because of its necessary cost and labor, there are many sake breweries that don’t take the amount of koji they use seriously. In general, the criteria for the amount of koji used in a sake brew is at least 15% for special designation sake (tokuteimeishu) and nonexistent for normal sake brews. That being said, at Takashimizu, to achieve our “Takashimizu Seisen”, which is our normal sake brew, we raise our koji ratio to be at least 20%. We want to reach a result that takes labor, uses large amounts of koji, and is thus delicious. For what it’s worth, we here at Takashimizu are serious about our work, take no shortcuts, and aim to create the best sake.

Takashimizu Josen Honjozo
Takashimizu Junmai Daiginjo
Takashimizu Creative Junmai Daiginjo


In the “Senningura” building of our facilities, we’ll play a “Sake Brewing Video”. You can also have a look around our displays of traditional sake brewing equipment, and if the season and timing works out, we also offer tours of what our full sake brewing process looks like. In one of our tour facilities, the “Kara-Kura”, you can not only sample eight different seasonal recommended brews, but you can also of course purchase Takashimizu sake, Takashimizu goods (such as glasses and T-shirts), and our “The Skill of Sake Breweries” brand cosmetics.

As we would love to have you try our sake, if you’re coming for a tour, we encourage you to take public transportation as opposed to driving yourself.