Company Profile
26 Nanokamachi, Yashimamachi, Yurihonjo-shi
5 minute walk from Yashima Station (Yuri Kogen Railway Chokai Sanroku Line)
Factory Opening Hours
Operating Days 10:00-17:00 (No set occupancy limit. However, large numbers will need to be split into smaller groups.)
Contact Information
Reservations required (by phone, fax, or e-mail).


Founded in 1907 (Meiji 40) by Kyukichi Sato.

With the 2nd founder, Kyubei Sato, the brewery was established as a business.

The groundwater from Mt. Chokai is a soft water suitable for making sake. The “Dewa-no-fuji” brand is named after Mt. Chokai.

Product Features

<Production Process>
For our water, we consistently use the groundwater that flows from Mt. Chokai into the water wells nearby. We make our sake by hand as much as we can. You will find that sake infused with the spirit of the workers who made it will taste remarkably delicious.

Ten-no-Biroku (daiginjo, junmaidaiginjo)
Chokai-Homare Daiginjo-koshu
Eiko Yoshiharu
Dewa-no-Fuji Seisen (special collection) etc.


As we still have equipment originally used for sake making back in the day – such as an old-fashioned furnace – you can feel the remains of sake production from that time. Additionally, along the pathway from the entrance to the facility, partitioning screens made from old sake casks used during the traditional sake pressing process are on display.